Frequently Asked Questions

Will this be your first time tubing on the Edisto River?

If you have questions, please refer to the FAQs below regarding your tubing trip and what you need to know for your adventure! Come on out! Bring your friends and family for an unforgettable experience.

In order to better serve our customers, we will require you to book a reservation a minimum of 5 hours prior to your arrival at our Outpost. With this new requirement we will be able to better serve our clients. We will offer a limited amount of additional tubes for “walk ups” to rent, please understand, there are no guarantees. We strongly encourage our presale ticket and waiver system.

The weather in the Lowcountry of South Carolina during our season can be rain one minute and sunshine the next. ERA is open 6 days a week rain or shine. If it starts raining during your trip, continue down the river. If it starts thundering or lightening, pull over to the bank and stay in your tube. Generally storms pass through the area quickly. Once the thunder/lightening stops, continue your trip. We have a live weather link on our page. We can offer no assistance once your tube trip begins.

Gates open at 9:00 am. Trips run continuously between 9:15 am and 3:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday. (Reservations are required). Gates Close, last shuttle at 5:30.

Monday-Friday gates open at 10:00 am. Trips run as needed till 2:00 pm. Gates close/last shuttle at 5:00 pm. Closed on Wednesdays.

Opening date is May 1 & we will open Friday, Saturday, Sunday. On May 23 we will then be open daily until the last date in our season will be September 11th.

After your trip, enjoy all our spacious Outpost has to offer. Beachfront swimming and sunbathing, shaded picnic areas, volleyball and corn hole, and much more. Food Trucks every Saturday and Sunday! Please note food trucks are independent of our operation, we do our very best to make sure they are in place on weekends and holidays. We are not responsible if they do not show – please keep an eye on social media for updates on food trucks scheduled on the date of your float trip.

  • A large commercial tube and the ability to hook together to your friends
  • A no-hassle experience where we handle everything
  • Shuttle back to vehicles
  • A spacious Outpost with volleyball, corn hole and more
  • Food trucks on Saturday and Sunday
  • Shaded picnic areas
  • Shower and changing area
  • A great experience

YES! Groups of 20 or more receive a per person discount. Our online ticket system is designed to take care of your large group reservation. Follow the steps, its easy to use. Please instruct YOUR ENTIRE PARTY to complete their waivers before arrival in order to avoid any delays, we also experience limited internet service at check in. We are happy to answer questions along the way, give us a call!

  • For our Military we also offer a 20% discount, cannot be combined with group discount.

No personal tubes are permitted. This way you can enjoy a hassle free day ending at our riverfront Outpost, exclusive to only those floating with us.

It is at the parent or guardians discretion. We do recommend you bring a properly fitted PFD or lifejacket for your child.

Dogs are not allowed (sorry!).

Check in and Launch at Givhans Ferry State Park, 746 County Line Rd S-18-30 (Givhans Ferry Rd), Ridgeville SC. / Riverfront Hall. Please be prepared to pay entry fee to the park.

No. Your vehicle is your locker. We will keep your keys for you in a safe, dry, and secure place so that the river doesn’t eat them (the river loves phones and sunglasses).

You should wear your bathing suit or shorts, basically anything you are comfortable getting wet in. Footwear is optional (closed toe shoes are recommended over flip flops, sandals, old sneakers, etc.) You will be on the water for two or more hours, so we also recommend that you bring sunscreen and something to drink.

We are not designed to offer property use. We made the decision upon becoming an exclusive tubing company to offer the property use to only those that float with us. We deal with capacity issues and we know what’s needed, specific to outdoor space, for our floaters to be able to enjoy the property that we offer as part of the tubing excursion. Additionally, our private property and neighboring private property are not available to walk through to access roads. Please be respectful to these property owners – do as you would want others to do to you and respect their property and privacy. Lastly, if you are floating the river on your own but are with others that are floating with Edisto River Adventures, upon arriving at Edisto River Adventures, you will need to disconnect from that group and continue your float down to the public boat landing. You will not be able to join the group that floated with Edisto River Adventures at the outpost

At your discretion! We do not supply PFD’s! Please be prepared by bringing your own.

Do not take anything on the river that you do not wish to lose or cannot get wet. If you drop it in the river, it’s most likely gone forever. This includes cell phones, electronics, jewelry, wallets, keys, etc. We are not responsible for any items lost or damaged that you bring on the river. You may lock personal belongings in your car, and we will keep your keys securely for you while you are on the river. Please heed this warning!

Yes. Coolers are welcome. Bring your own cooler (or rent one from us $10 for small and $15 for large) and fill it with beverages, snacks, etc. Cooler tubes are available for additional cost ($10 for smalls up to 36 qt. and $15 for large up to 50 qt.). Adult beverages are allowed but NO DISTILLED SPIRITS. Glass containers are strictly prohibited as well as styrofoam. Littering is illegal. We ask that you please hold on to your empty cans and other trash and return it to the outpost. We have trash cans and recycling containers at our outpost where you may dispose of garbage properly when you return.

The water depth can vary from one spot to the next depending on river levels.

During our season May through September the water temps are very inviting. While the Lowcountry summers are hot and muggy the river is always refreshing and slightly cooler than the beaches.

Yes, you will get wet but not soaked (unless you want to – it feels great on a hot day!)

Yes! The river and surrounding swamps are where they live. Fortunately, they are rarely seen by our guest. Alligators are predacious creatures and prefer to lie and wait for their prey. The ever changing river level and current do not offer an environment conducive to that. Not to mention the crowds of people floating and boating. Alligators are more commonly found tucked away in swamps where they bask in the sun and enjoy peace and quiet. Since our business started in 2016 we have introduced 10’s of thousands of guest to this beautiful river with no gator encounters to date. Snakes and alligators will try to get away from you rather than attack you!

Adults and kids (no minimum age ) $26 (tax additional) for a traditional tube with hole

$27 for a solid bottom tube with headrest and cup holder

Cooler Carrier (smalls hold your cooler up to 36 qt) $10 (tax additional) (large holds your cooler up to 50qt) $15 (tax additional)

Closed on Wednesdays, Opening date is May 1 & we will open Friday, Saturday, Sunday. On May 23 we will then be open daily until the last date in our season will be September 11th.
  • Gates close at 5:30 pm on weekends
  • Closed Wednesdays
  • Opening Day Season 2022 is May 1 – Last Day of the 2022 Season is September 11

The process is so easy – just purchase your tickets and complete online waivers online and drive to our check in /launch location located at Givhans Ferry State Park, 746 County Rd S-18-30 (Givhans Ferry Road), Ridgeville SC 29472. Walk over to Riverfront Hall and ERA staff will check you in for your river float. Leave all valuables at home, bring what you are floating with and don’t mind getting wet. We offer a key locker at check in, and they will be available upon exit of the river. Floating with car keys is not recommended!

Once your group has checked in, staff will hand out tubes, get some brief instructions and begin your lazy river float. You will be floating downstream back to our Outpost where the after float activities await. Our property is situated on one of the Edisto’s largest sandbars. Here you can enjoy an array of beach games including volleyball, corn hole, spike ball, giant jenga and also food trucks.

Shuttles back to vehicles are offered every thirty minutes on the following schedule: Monday thru Friday (closed Wednesday) 1 pm through 5 pm Saturday and Sunday 12 noon through 530 pm

Trip times vary based on water level and weather conditions. You can view river levels and weather conditions in real time by clicking on river/weather conditions on our website and on our social media pages. Our river levels are affected by rain and are not tidal. Levels above 6’ result in a slightly faster float and levels below 3’ are generally slower. You will start your float upriver and float with the current back to our Outpost. Our float times average 2-3 hours.

Military discount is available. Discounts cannot be combined

All passengers of the vehicle will need to be prepared to pay entrance fees/parking upon entrance to the State Park. We highly recommend purchasing the access passes – the day of the float – in advance. The morning of prior to leaving home or on the way is a great time to take care of this, as internet service is not the best when you get closer to the river. As a reminder – take a screenshot of the email so, again, internet will not challenge you! Simply show this email or screenshot to the attendant at the entrance gate and they will wave you in. You can also take care of this when you arrive at the gate the day of. We would like to mention, the SC State Park offers discounts for children and seniors, and they also offer a “Gold Pass” good for the entire year for all passengers in the vehicle, up to 15 passengers. The website is https://scparkstore.com/collections/park-admission and go to “Givhans Ferry State Park” and purchase right there. It is recommended you purchase these THE DAY OF YOUR FLOAT!